The Hub
Passion for Life program

A fun, exciting and diverse program for people 18+ living with disability

Cooking and baking for people with disability at the CARS Hub
Cooking & baking
  • Plan tasty & nutritious meals
  • Shop for ingredients
  • Learn about healthy food choices and both meat and meat-free options
  • Learn about kitchen hygiene and safety
  • Prepare meals and clean up afterwards
  • Eat your yummy creations!
Woodwork for people living with disability
  • Create fantastic items such as sound boosters, caddies, games, shelves, chests and much more
  • Learn how to safely use a range of tools
  • Learn about cutting, sanding, gluing, nailing, painting, finishing.
  • Take your finished items home with you.
Green screen and acting at the CARS Hub for people living with disability
Drama & green screen
  • Learn creative self-expression
  • Act out a role or scenario
  • Follow instructions
  • Interact with others
  • Film yourself and add special effects afterwards
  • Use your imagination and have fun!
Music for people living with disability at the CARS Hub
  • Make your own music and songs
  • Dance – learn new moves or improvise your own
  • Sing – learn new songs or sing along to your favourites
  • Learn different instruments,
    such as guitar and drums.
Chess and games for people living with disability
Chess & games
  • Play games like chess, dominos, cards and other board games
  • Great for enhancing your strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Play for fun or compete against others
  • Enjoy socialising and playing with others in a friendly environment.
CARS Hub participants - Flipside circus for people living with disability

Once a month, we head over to Flipside Circus in Enoggera for a set of tailored sessions just for you!
You’ll experience a range of different activities including hula hoops, mini trampoline, juggling, acro-balance and more in a safe, supervised environment.

Gardening for people living with disability at the CARS Hub
  • Plant and grow your own herbs and vegetables
  • Learn about health & safety in the garden
  • Understand the importance of watering, fertilising and mulching
  • Harvest and cook with plants you’ve grown yourself.
Exercise and fitness for people with disability
Exercise & fitness
  • Learn about stretching, warming up and down, correct techniques
  • Enjoy outdoor activities and games
  • Understand the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle
  • Visit The Fort Gym and enjoy a full range of gym equipment and activities for any ability level.
Painting for people living with disability at the CARS Hub
Painting & Art
  • Create your own masterpieces
  • Learn different painting techniques
  • Plan and create murals and backdrops
  • Use a huge range of different techniques and different materials.
What is The Hub?

Others might refer to this kind of program as ‘day respite’ but we prefer to call it The Hub Passion for Life program.

Why? Because it’s all about you, your passions, your life goals and your achievements. It’s a fully flexible, innovative, diverse and – most importantly – fun and exciting program that offers a huge range of activities for you to explore and enjoy in your own way, at your own pace.

What can I do at The Hub?

Maybe a better question is, what can’t you do? The activities shown above are just some of the great things our participants enjoy during the Passion for Life program. We also offer regular outings and day trips, as well one-to-one life skills sessions, such as computer skills, budgeting, transport, personal care and more (please book in advance).

What does The Hub cost?

Not only is The Hub one of the most flexible and contemporary programs for people living with disability in Brisbane, it’s also one of the most affordable at $70 for a half day and $125 for a full day.

Most day programs / day respite programs cost $200 per day and upwards. Given the huge range of activities and professional facilitators and amenities The Hub offers, it’s excellent value for money.

When is The Hub open?

The Hub Passion for Life program currently runs every week on a Tuesday from 9 am to 3 pm. We’re also taking expressions of interest for a Thursday program, so if you’re interested, please let us know.

Where is The Hub?

We’re based at the North Brisbane Rugby Union Club House, 150 Shaw Road, Wooloowin and we start every day there. However, most days we also head out to different places such as Flipside Circus, Bunnings Stafford for woodwork, The Fort Gym for fitness, the PCYC in Lawnton for gardening. We also have regular picnics in the park, where we prepare and eat a tasty lunch together.

Interested? You’re welcome to come along and experience the activities for yourself to see if The Hub is right for you.

Call 07 3350 6651 to reserve your place.